Fnatic Rising are dominant. Last week, they crushed the tower challenge to move to 11 points in the table, with a Week 1 defeat to Excel UK their only loss so far.

However, MnM Gaming tore down the aura of invincibility that had shrouded the LEC teams last week, when they defeated Excel in the Round of 8. They may have been handily beaten by Fnatic in the end-of-week tower challenge, but the overall performances of both Diabolus Esports and MnM thus far have given their fans plenty of hope that they can compete with the top dogs. (Check out our Week 3 recap here.)

Fnatic’s victory in the tower challenge has opened up for an additional fixture to kick off this week’s action: the tower rematch. MnM will get a second shot at the champions, and if they are successful, they will replace Fnatic at the top of the tower—leaving their foes to take their place in the bracket.

Meanwhile, Week 4 will provide a fantastic opportunity to the teams outside of the top 4 to stand up and be counted. This Wednesday, the 6th of March, who will differentiate themselves and reach a wild frontier?

It all starts with the tower rematch and the Round of 8.

 MnM Gaming vs. Fnatic Rising  18:00 GMT

The tower rematch! Last week, MnM’s miracle run took them from the Round of 8 all the way to the tower challenge, where the hype train quickly derailed as they fell apart against Fnatic. This week, will they be able to play to their strengths and potentially steal Fnatic’s spot from under their very noses? If they are to pull off the upset, MnM’s Mumus is likely to have something to do with it—his split-pushing capabilities were integral to their success last week, and with Fnatic’s Shikari not performing to his own exceptionally high standards, we could have thunder in the top lane.

 Enclave Gaming vs. MnM Gaming/Fnatic Rising 19:00 GMT

Immediately after the tower rematch, the loser will have to pick themselves up to progress through the bracket once again. Their opponents in the Round of 8 will be Enclave—who demonstrated their UKLC credentials with a victory over DarkSpawn last week. But with both MnM and Fnatic having beaten Enclave already this season, what can the boys in blue and white bring to the table to change the record?

 Phelan Gaming vs. Barrage Esports  20:00 GMT

Two of the teams who are clumped together on 1 point, Phelan and Barrage have both shown glimpses of greatness without quite achieving it. Barrage’s mid laner Kruimel made some montage-worthy plays on his Orianna last week, while his opposite number on Phelan—ADM—has shown reliability on champions like Lissandra. Whichever mid lane mage can better control the teamfights is likely to determine the winner of this contest. Can Barrage run with the wolves?

Excel UK vs. Diabolus   21:00 GMT

Our second- and third-placed teams go to head in the fourth fixture of the night, which promises to be a real treat. These teams last met in Week 1, with Diabolus keeping within 2K gold of their opponents for the first twenty minutes of the game. However, just when they thought they found an opening, they quickly found themselves out of space, as Excel demonstrated their nasty teamfighting prowess to win a 4v5. Will that prove to be an omen for this game, or will Diabolus hand Excel a first-round exit for the second week running? One thing’s for sure—all eyes will be fixated on the bot lane, where Kasing is making a triumphant return to his home region as Excel’s support in the UKLC. And he’s in it to win it.

  Bulldog Esports vs. DarkSpawn Gaming  22:00 GMT

No team should be more hungry for a Week 4 win than Bulldogs. As the only team to have been left winless after the first three weeks, this is a do-or-die moment if they have realistic aspirations of performing in the Spring Split playoffs. Meanwhile, DarkSpawn have already impressed some onlookers, but only have one point to show for all their gusto thus far. With Bulldog’s Gould and DarkSpawn’s Flirt both putting out strong performances, can either marksman carry their team up the table?

All match times are subject to change slightly depending on the length of the games. Need a reminder on the format? Check out our handy explanation here!



Remember, this week’s action doesn’t stop there. The four winners of the above fixtures progress to the bracket semifinals on Thursday, which also starts at 6pm GMT. The winner of the bracket will then have an opportunity to dethrone our reigning tower champions (whichever team wins the rematch between MnM and Fnatic) in the UKLC’s fourth tower challenge.

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