After Fnatic Rising’s defence, our first tower rematch of the UKLC Summer Split awaits. With the loser having to face MnM Gaming in the Round of 8, could this be the week we see a new challenger emerge?

Week 4 is about to kick off, and we’re guaranteed to see at least one new team in the bracket final. The right side of the bracket contains no teams higher than 5th, seemingly making Demise the favourites to go on their biggest run yet and become finalists.

Here are 5 questions that we’re looking to have answered in Week 4 of the Summer Split!

Can Excel prove Prosfair and Nji wrong?

Last week, Excel UK climbed the entire tower just to lose to Fnatic Rising in the tower challenge for the second week running. Yet that loss will sting more than most. With Fnatic using Ronaldooo, their third mid laner (as MagiFelix debuted in the LEC!) for the first time, and with Excel having accrued an 8,000 gold lead by 28 minutes into the game, the tower appeared ripe for their taking.

Yet that’s not how it turned out. Fnatic stalled, cleared their lines, and then came back to win the game. In the post-match interview, Fnatic’s support, Prosfair, revealed that the team decided to stretch out the match for as long as possible after realising that Excel could not close out the win.

“Nji just said, ‘Okay, they’re really bad, so we’ll just scale, because they don’t know how to end the game,'” Prosfair recalled. “We literally AFK’d for fifteen minutes, just stopped them getting the Nashor, and then we won. That was pretty much it.”

If Excel are to get revenge and defend their first place spot in the standings, they’ll have to prove that they’re able to capitalise on the leads they can take. The tower rematch will decide who goes back to the top and who falls into the Round of 8—and last week proved that it’s not over until a Nexus goes down.

Game 1 (Tower Rematch):    Excel UK vs Fnatic Rising  18:00 BST

Can Enclave step it up in Week 4?

Enclave Gaming are one of three teams (alongside Barrage and NVision Esports) to sit at 0 points heading into Week 4. However, with the other pair playing each other this week, the pool of teams remaining winless is guaranteed to get smaller. If Enclave aren’t able to pull out a victory soon, they could quickly find themselves mired in a relegation battle—which would be a huge disappointment for an organisation that was pushing for playoffs last split.

Diabolus’s Summer Split story has been the opposite. Pushing past expectations has become the trademark of their campaign thus far. Can they make another semifinal at Enclave’s expense?

Game 2:   Diabolus vs Enclave Gaming    19:00 BST

Will Fnatic or Excel tilt?

During Spring Split, we saw several weeks where a defending tower champion would lose a tower rematch, and then go on to lose in the Round of 8. Whichever team fails to win the rematch this week best make sure their mental game is up to scratch, because they’ll be due to play a tricky fixture against MnM Gaming.

For MnM Gaming, this could prove to be their greatest opportunity yet to take out an LEC side that perhaps hasn’t properly prepared for them. If they’re able to do so, they would appear to have a clear path to their first tower challenge of the split.

Game 3:    MnM Gaming vs Excel UK/Fnatic Rising 20:00 BST

Who can win the battle of the bottom two?

Whichever team loses Game 4 will have to field questions of whether they are the weakest team in the UKLC this split. With many weeks still to play, there’s nothing to suggest the losing side couldn’t yet make their mark on the league; but there’s no shying way from the fact that remaining winless after 4 weeks would be a grim start to Summer.

Yet both sides have shown promise at times this split. Barrage put up a fight against both Excel and MnM in the opening two weeks, and NVision Esports seem to be steadily improving with each game they play. And to make things even spicier, we’re told there could be a few new (?) faces making their first UKLC appearances in this fixture…

Game 4:    Barrage vs NVision Esports   21:00 BST

Can Demise reach a tower final?

This week’s right side of the tower bracket looks substantially weaker than the left. At 5th place, newcomers Demise are the highest-ranked team on their side of the tower in Week 4. From a purely statistical perspective, this would look to be their team’s best shot at reaching a tower final, and securing two crucial points—effectively removing them from the relegation picture just halfway into the split.

Of course, Phelan Gaming will be just as keen to benefit from the draw and become finalists themselves. Their bot lane popped off last week, and Achuu’s matchup with Demise’s Garen prodigy Den Voksne is sure to be one to watch. Which side has the mettle to go all the way?

Game 5:    Phelan Gaming vs Demise    22:00 BST



Remember, this week’s action doesn’t stop with the Round of 8. The four winners of the above fixtures progress to the bracket semifinals on Thursday, which also starts at 18:00 BST. The winner of the bracket will then have an opportunity to dethrone our reigning tower champions (whoever wins the tower rematch), in the UKLC’s fourth tower challenge of the Summer Split.

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