Week 3 saw our first defence of the split. Fnatic Rising remained resolute at the top of the tower, seeing off Excel UK’s challenge to finally break their cycle of back-and-forth tower trading.

Phelan Gaming also had a promising week, finally kick-starting their split with a win over Barrage. Then, Diabolus made it 2-0 in Hell Clásico, proving once again that they are the UKLC’s most fearsome edgy bois agents of darkness, before falling to MnM Gaming.

Here’s the biggest stories of the week!

Send0o’s redemption arc

When Excel UK failed to reach EU Masters in the Spring Split, one of the main scapegoats was their top laner, Send0o. With many players and analysts around the scene stating that the player had failed to live up to expectations in Spring, few were predicting him to stake a claim for being the best top laner in the UKLC in Summer.

Now, however, less than halfway into the split, he has already swung around the conversation. A run of huge performances in Week 3 were started from the very beginning of the Round of 8, when this Level 1 play got Excel off to an exceptional start.

Send0o’s stupendous form was a huge driving force behind Excel’s run to the tower challenge, keeping the team at the top of the UKLC table heading into Week 4.

Phelan off the board

Birds flying high, sun in the sky, Barrage drifting awry… and are Phelan good? With only one win to their name after three weeks of play, that would certainly seem a stretch; but there are definite signs that resolute Phelan Gaming fans can be optimistic after Week 3.

Their bot lane impressed against both Barrage and Excel. First, with Achuu on Sona and Visdom on Tahm Kench, they maintained a constant CS advantage over a Sivir/Karma bot lane, before this disgusting Power Chord onto Jakamaka…

However, the duo’s performance in the loss against Excel was arguably even better. Visdom found constant flanks and Hexflash engages onto Kasing and Hjarnan, with Achuu’s Ashe able to capitalise with multiple kills on the two veterans. While it wasn’t enough to push Phelan into the bracket final, it did net Visdom the fans’ Unsung Hero award—a highly unusual accolade for a player on a losing team.

Diabolus demonstrate demonic hierarchy

Diabolus have proven to be no pushovers this split, and with their second “Hell Clásico” victory over Demise, they’ve staked a convincing claim for being a top 4 UKLC side. That’s due in large part to Furuy’s performances. The Dutch Devil has consistently shown up in Diabolus’s games so far, and again had a game-changing showing against Demise on Aatrox.

While they have beaten three of the teams below them in the standings, defeating MnM Gaming has proven to be a step too far for Diabolus. For the second week running, they were knocked out by the Marshmallows, suggesting a clear UKLC hierarchy.

Are MnM Gaming destined for Bronze?

No, we’re not suggesting that you’ll be seeing Chibs et al. on SaltyTeemo’s Twitch stream anytime soon. But despite two more victories in Week 3, it does appear increasingly certain that MnM Gaming are destined for a third-place finish in the UKLC this split.

The all-UK line-up is now 5-0 against teams below them in the standings, but they’ve fallen to the LEC sides every week. Their latest loss to Excel UK in the bracket final left them with a 0-3 record against the top two sides. If they are to beat Excel or Fnatic, recent games would suggest that it would be through Only Angel or Noltey, who are both having standout splits thus far.

Fnatic hold the fort

Fnatic Rising became the first team to successfully defend the UKLC tower in Week 3, when they came back from a significant gold deficit to defeat Excel UK in an absolute cracker of a tower challenge.

At 28 minutes, Excel had an advantage exceeding 8,000 gold. But a resolute Fnatic held on and cleared their lines. With substitute midlaner Ronaldooo pumping out the DPS on Corki, they pulled off the comeback in thrilling fashion.

Ronaldooo’s impressive start to UKLC life came as a result of MagiFelix’s debut in the LEC, proving that Fnatic has an abundance of talent ready to perform at the highest level. Can anyone take them down from the top?

Excel will have a second chance to do just that in their next match.

Excel UK still sit in first place following Week 3’s action, but that could all change in Week 4. Remember, Fnatic’s successful tower defence has unlocked the tower rematch: a second opportunity for Excel to take them down. The tower rematch will start off our next week of action, with the loser dropping into the Round of 8 to take part in a challenging fixture against MnM Gaming.

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