Congratulations to Megan Kay, our first Standout Student Writer! Megan has been chosen (ahead of some stern competition) for her exceptional writing flair and talented application of game knowledge to an esports piece.

Earlier this month, we announced the inaugural Standout Student Writer competition in partnership with National Student Esports (NSE). The competition aimed to shine a light on emerging writing talent in the field of esports from universities across the United Kingdom.

Last week, we opened submissions to articles from all over the country. From pieces highlighting the incredible mechanical prowess of MagiFelix; to quality breakdowns of crucial UKLC teamfights; to intriguing insights into the lifestyle and philosophy of players in our league; we were blown away by the quality of the responses. The five writers that made our shortlist each earned a 1-on-1 feedback session, where they’ll have a chance to pick up some tips to take their writing talent even further.

Thank you to all who applied—we hope you’ll keep producing fantastic content! Unfortunately, however, there can only be one winner. Despite some very tough competition, Megan Kay, a student from the University of Liverpool, took top spot for her Patch breakdown on the all the dramatic changes that Patch 9.12 brought, along with her insight on how it might affect the competitive meta going forward. She wins a ticket (worth £600) to ESI London, a cornerstone esports industry event, alongside the opportunity to meet the LVP team at our studios in London during a UKLC broadcast. Keep an eye out for when her article will be featured on our website soon!

Ollie Ring, the Head of Business Development and Media at Esports Insider, joined our Esports Editorial Manager in choosing the winner. With bylines on the BBC, Press Association, Red Bull, PC Gamer and many more, Ollie has covered a plethora of titles both from a consumer and business perspective during his years in esports.

“The standard of articles submitted to the NSE competition was mightily impressive! It’s great to see so many students passionate about esports and it seems there’ll be a new batch of quality writers breaking onto the scene soon enough,” he said.

“Although all the shortlisted pieces were great, Meg’s edged it for me as it mixed humour with solid meta analysis and had data and statistics to solidify each point. We’re delighted to provide Meg with a ticket for ESI London in September and host the article on our site, too. Congratulations!”

Our friends at NSE were equally positive about the success of the project. “We are thrilled to have worked together with the UKLC to shine a light on the amazing talent that exists within the student esports community,” said Niall Hayward, Operations Manager. “We’d also like to say a massive congratulations to the winner Megan for her excellent piece and can’t wait to read more of her work in the future!”

For Megan, earning the title of Standout Student Writer is surely just a step on the road to a bright future in esports. “This award is a huge step for me, and I hope it signifies the start of a career in a field about which I am truly, truly passionate,” she said. We’re sure it will!



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NSE (National Student Esports), is the official body for university esports in the UK. It was established through partnership with British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS), the governing body for university sport, and operates the British University Esports Championship in which over 70 universities compete.