Clean League of Legends went out of the window in Week 4. Instead, the UKLC saw some of the dirtiest backdoors and crazy comebacks that we’ve ever witnessed. And it was glorious.

Fnatic Rising lost and regained the tower in the space of two days, getting revenge over an Excel UK in extraordinary circumstances. And Enclave Gaming and NVision Esports each claimed their first win of the split with some bonkers backdoors.

Here’s the biggest stories of the week!

9.14 is the base race patch

Excel UK’s rivalry with Fnatic Rising kicked off right where it left off, with its second base race in two weeks. With Fnatic getting outscaled in their tower rematch, they went for a Hail Mary play by teleporting xMatty’s Xayah in to take the Nexus… but their efforts were in vain.

Little did we know, that hectic finish was only an appetiser for the madness that would ensue throughout the rest of Week 4!

Enclave and NVision enter the running

Two teams earned their first point of the split in the Round of 8: Enclave Gaming and NVision Esports. And both did so in rather incredible fashion.

First, Enclave Gaming defeated Diabolus, gaining revenge for their earlier loss. Despite Diabolus getting off to a great start in the fixture, even securing two inhibitors, Enclave’s unorthodox splitpushing Sylas paid off when they were able to make this play happen.

And later, we saw NVision secure their own backdoor. It was perhaps the most bizarre sight we’ve experienced in any UKLC game: Brelia’s Malphite thumping Barrage’s Nexus down after teleporting away from a late game teamfight, bringing an end to the longest match in UKLC history.

Demise step up again

With Fnatic Rising dropping down into the Ro8 following their tower rematch loss to Excel, the odds were stacked against MnM Gaming. And for the fourth week running, MnM were knocked out by an LEC side. With so many games against Excel and Fnatic, it’s tricky to judge whether they deserve the “best of the rest” title, though they hold a flawless record against every other side.

But one team aiming to challenge them for that title is Demise, who had another strong showing. In Week 4, they took down both Phelan Gaming and NVision Esports (despite the best efforts of Brelia’s Trinity Force Garen top)!

Excel cannot hold a lead against Fnatic!

Despite their win over Fnatic in the tower rematch, Excel UK somehow lost out on holding the tower heading into Week 5.

In the last game of the week—the tower challenge—they held a gold lead of no less than 11.7 THOUSAND. And yet, they failed to close out the game.

The turnaround began with this brazen Baron take on its spawn by Fnatic. Sneaking around Excel’s vision, they crept into the Baron pit. Then, Prosfair—spotted by Kasing’s Karma—excellently played the part of a lonely support hunting for vision control, helping to throw Excel off the scene for a few extra seconds. By the time they were spotted, it was already too late.

The Baron buff helped Fnatic stall out, but the true turnaround started with this moment of magic from MagiFelix, who capitalised on Exile’s mispositioning (did we mention Exile was playing Ignite Tristana mid?) to make this monstrous play.

The comeback appeared to crack Excel’s mental game, as despite still holding a comfortable gold advantage, they continued to lose fights, eventually surrendering their Nexus—and the UKLC tower.

There’s now just a point between Excel and Fnatic at the top of the table, while an enormous gulf has emerged between both teams and MnM Gaming in third. Meanwhile, Demise and Diabolus are both ensuring that MnM don’t get too comfortable in their position. Barrage remain the sole team yet to claim a win, though one strong week could turn it all around.

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