New blood has been causing a stir in the UKLC. At a crucial point in the season, which players can make the difference?

Our new Playoffs format has been revealed, and every game matters as teams fight for the best seeding in the Gauntlet.

Excel UK looked dominant on their march back to the top this week, and Fnatic Rising’s new roster will have to gel quickly if they are to bring them down once again. Meanwhile, NVision Esports’ Sonder and Phelan Gaming’s Beartree both impressed on their debuts; can they keep up the momentum?

Here are 4 questions that we’re looking to have answered in Week 6 of the Summer Split!

Who can end their slump?

The first game of the day will feature two teams who are enduring a tough run of form. Diabolus have lost 3 consecutive UKLC games for the first time in their organisation’s history, while Barrage are without a win since the Week 4 of the Spring Split—5 months ago today.

For Barrage, the situation is becoming increasingly dire, as they will head to the Promotion Tournament unless they can turn things around in the last two weeks. Can they take advantage of Diabolus’s downward trend to claim their first point of the split?

Game 1:   Diabolus vs Barrage    18:00 BST

How strong is the Sonder effect?

While Diabolus and Barrage have been struggling, NVision Esports have been on the up. They’ve claimed two wins in the last two weeks, with mid lane substitute Sonder enjoying a promising start to life in the UKLC. With NVision improving every week, is this their chance to reach a tower final?

To do so, they would have to defeat Demise for the first time this split. Both previous encounters have ended in the Reapers’ favour, but recent games suggest this showing will be closer than ever.

Game 2:   Demise vs NVision Esports   19:00 BST

Better top wins?

When MnM Gaming announced their new roster for the Summer Split, they were lauded for bringing together some of the top talent from across the UK into one lineup. But questions remained over Only Angel, who hadn’t played in the UKLC Spring Split.

Since then, he has comfortably laid those doubts to rest, often pulling out highlight-reel-worthy material in 1v1 situations, where his raw mechanical skill has seen him claim advantages over many lesser tops in the league. Yet his aggression has also proved to be a double-edged sword; we saw as much last week, when his overstep against Send0o was a significant factor in MnM’s loss to Excel UK.

With Phelan Gaming’s new top laner Beartree impressing on his debut—pulling out two solo kills of his own against Renghis—this matchup is sure to be one to watch.

Game 3:    MnM Gaming vs Phelan Gaming    20:00 BST

How shaken up are Fnatic?

Last night, Fnatic Rising publicly announced two significant changes to their roster. Brian “Bando” Ferrando has joined the team as their starting toplaner as Shikari has chosen to move to the substitute bench. Meanwhile, Ronaldooo will be replacing Prosfair as the team’s support. That means that tomorrow’s game against Enclave Gaming will see Ronaldooo play his third different role for the team this split, after previously filling in for both mid and top.

Enclave might not have had the luck of the draw this season—alongside Barrage, they’re the only team to have drawn either LEC side in the Round of 8 twice—but this may their best chance at causing an upset over a new-look Fnatic side.

Game 4:    Enclave Gaming vs Fnatic Rising    21:00 BST



Remember, this week’s action doesn’t stop with the Round of 8. The four winners of the above fixtures progress to the bracket semifinals on Thursday, which also starts at 18:00 BST. The winner of the bracket will then have an opportunity to dethrone our reigning tower champions, Excel UK, in the UKLC’s sixth tower challenge of the Summer Split.

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