Fnatic Rising have returned to dominance. The reigning champions seized back their throne atop the tower in a record-breaking run, and now it’s Excel UK’s turn to mount a comeback.

Meanwhile, Diabolus and Demise reignite their growing rivalry in a return of Hell Clásico. Alongside fellow contenders MnM Gaming, can a team climb the tower and prevent the league from becoming a two-horse race?

Here are 4 questions that we’re looking to have answered in Week 3 of the Summer Split!

Can Beeley make a statement?

Last week, Beeley had one of the highlight plays of the split, as his fearsome Renekton almost helped carry Enclave Gaming to a win over Diabolus in the Round of 8. However, the team narrowly lost out after a late game teamfight, leaving them winless following the first two weeks of UKLC action. If Beeley can once again step up and deliver Enclave an upset over Excel UK, it would suggest that the mid laner was criminally underrated heading into the Summer Split.

Meanwhile, Excel have their own point to prove. Despite sitting top of the UKLC table heading into the week, they’ll lose their lead if they aren’t able to find victory over Enclave, as Fnatic Rising are guaranteed a minimum of three points. With a battle of Danish junglers set to start against Skude, can Taxer prove his superiority and reignite his side’s hot streak?

Game 1:   Enclave Gaming vs Excel UK  18:00 BST

Who can kick-start their season?

Game 2 of the week will see two 0-2 teams face off. One of them will score their first point of summer; the other will be left to rot at the bottom of the standings.

Though both sides share the same record, they’ve faced very different opposition. Many would argue that Barrage, having lost to Excel and MnM, have had the harder time of things. Given that those losses have also been relatively close, that would seem to make them the favourites heading into this crucial clash.

Game 2:    Phelan Gaming vs Barrage    19:00 BST

Have Demise learned from their Week 1 loss?

Our Match of the Day will see a return of Hell Clásico: the Devils against the Reapers. But the two sides are more than just the UKLC’s two edgiest teams: they may also represent two of the league’s best shots at preventing the UKLC from becoming a two-horse race.

These two faced off in Week 1, when Diabolus defeated Demise. In that fixture, Demise picked a scaling composition, fell behind, and chose the wrong moment to force a fight before their power spikes. Even then, the game was still relatively close; if Demise can show that they’ve learned from that loss, they may be able to take down Diabolus in the Round of 8.

Game 3:   Diabolus vs Demise    20:00 BST

Which side can catch up to their rivals?

NVision Esports are one of four sides to remain without a win following their first two weeks, but their performances have arguably been the most disappointing of the bunch. If they’re able to claim a famous win against MnM, it will be a massive boost in their race to avoid a relegation battle.

Meanwhile, MnM Gaming are expected to be title challengers, or thereabouts—and with Excel UK on the other side of the bracket, this tower presents an opportunity to mount their first tower challenge of the split. Can they avoid a slip-up in the first round and catch up to the LEC sides?

Game 4:    MnM Gaming vs NVision Esports   21:00 BST



Remember, this week’s action doesn’t stop with the Round of 8. The four winners of the above fixtures progress to the bracket semifinals on Thursday, which also starts at 6pm BST. The winner of the bracket will then have an opportunity to dethrone our reigning tower champions, Fnatic Rising, in the UKLC’s third tower challenge of the Summer Split.

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