It’s all gone to hell. An absurd week of upsets saw Fnatic Rising and Excel UK out in the Round of 8, before the tower was taken from MnM Gaming by Diabolus Esports!

Last week, Fnatic looked virtually untouchable at the top of the UK League Championship. They absolutely destroyed MnM Gaming in the tower challenge, demonstrating that they were seemingly a class above anyone else in the league.

How quickly things changed. Fnatic’s successful tower defence unlocked the tower rematch at the start of Week 4, where MnM got their revenge. That started a quite incredible sequence of events. Here’s how it happened!

Day 1

Some fantastic teamfighting and objective control ensured MnM pushed Fnatic out of their comfort zone in the tower rematch, in a game miles apart from last week’s tower challenge. With MnM’s mid laner, Chibs, on top form as Irelia, the marshmallows were able to close out against the league favourites. As well as stealing the tower from Fnatic’s grasp, MnM’s win also ensured that Fnatic would have to take their place in the Round of 8.

And there was no time for them to recover. With their next game—a tie with Enclave Gaming—set to follow immediately afterwards, Fnatic needed to find an instant response. But they could not, and Enclave were eager to capitalise.

With Kehvo’s unorthodox AD Carry Neeko pick paying dividends, Enclave finally realised their potential and unceremoniously dumped Fnatic out of the running for Week 4. In just two games, Fnatic had gone from tower champion—and a guarantee of at least 3 points—to nothing.

Phelan Gaming and Barrage Esports’ bout was the next item on the menu, and despite an exciting Olaf top selection from Eragon, it was Barrage who were able to come out ahead. In fact, Barrage’s brilliant execution of their game plan made for one of the cleanest victories we’ve seen in the UKLC yet. The next game, however, was anything but.

Excel UK took to the Rift ready to bounce back after their shock Round of 8 exit against MnM the week before, and things certainly seemed to be going their way early on. English League of Legends veteran KaSing came into the line-up from the LEC team, and Exile’s LeBlanc secured kill after kill. But Diabolus were not to be undone.

With his hands on Yorick, Kerberos showed his Solo Queue splitpushing roots, as he drew an incredible amount of pressure and eventually stole Diabolus the win.

Our fifth and final game of the night saw Bulldog Esports in a do-or-die match against DarkSpawn Gaming. Heading into the day winless, Bulldog needed a result to give themselves a lifeline in the race for playoffs. And with EgoSpeed’s Poppy, they found what they were looking for—despite an interesting build choice.

Day 2

Barrage versus Enclave was our first semifinal, and in truth the game was rather one-sided—at least in part due to Warszi’s alarming tendency to remove enemy champions from existence with his Zoe’s Paddle Stars. Wysek’s Gragas deserved a shout-out, too: with his team’s backing, he made Skudzy’s life an absolute misery, as invade after invade set his Rek’Sai ridiculously behind.

Our next semifinal saw a very special pick indeed: Shaco. Autofilled top lane main Toliam saw his trademark Nunu banned, and Bulldogs looked to spice things up with the elusive assassin. But Diabolus’s clever vision control ensured he could never find his team a lead, and as the game progressed, his ability to impact the game quickly began to diminish. From Diabolus’s end, this game was further proof that they do not need to play around bot lane to win, as Kroghsen and Kerberos stepped up on Lissandra and Vladimir, respectively.

That set us up for an electrifying bracket final: Enclave Gaming versus Diabolus Esports. It was Diabolus’s third consecutive bracket final in the first four weeks, and it proved a charm; their superior team synergy saw them create a lead at 20 minutes into the game, and they never let go.

The ultimate match of Week 4, then, would see Diabolus Esports take on MnM Gaming in the tower challenge; a scenario very few would have predicted heading into the week. And it started exceptionally well for the devilish contingent.

That kill proved an omen, as Munckizz’s Rek’Sai went on to have his second MVP performance of the night on the Void Burrower. You can check out the whole game here:

With Diabolus’s win, MnM’s hold at the top proved to be short-lived. Now, the UKLC lies in the palms of the devil; and who can wrest the tower from that hellish grip? One thing’s for sure—unless it’s Fnatic Rising themselves, Diabolus will lead the standings by the end of next week, because (as tower champions) they have 3 points already in the bag.

Ready for Week 5? You bet. Here’s what we have to look forward to…

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