Week 5 brings some crucial head-to-heads to the fore. At the bottom of the table, the threat of relegation looms; and a pivotal moment in the playoffs picture is approaching.

With Fnatic Rising sitting on top, Excel UK will be preparing another run to try and bring them down once again. But on the other side of the bracket, Diabolus, Demise, and MnM Gaming are entering an intriguing battle for a top 3 spot in the UKLC.

Here are 4 questions that we’re looking to have answered in Week 5 of the Summer Split!

Is Game 1 really a match between the best and worst teams in the league?

The first game of Week 5 will see the highest-placed UKLC side go up against the only remaining winless side. By all means, this should be a stomp.

And yet, there is still that lingering question—can Barrage bring back their season from the brink? Excel is the best team in the league at accruing early leads, but, as we’ve seen in two recent games against Fnatic Rising, just can’t seem to consistently close them out. Barrage, however, just can’t seem to win at all, and their Week 1 fixture against the same opponent did not end well for them. If they’re to have a shot at an upset, their in-form mid laner, Diva, will need to put his carry pants on.

Game 1:    Excel UK vs Barrage  18:00 BST

Who can sneak a lead in the head-to-head?

At the end of the split, the bottom two teams will drop into the Promotion Tournament to fight for their UKLC survival. With Phelan Gaming and Enclave Gaming both on just a point apiece, they’re in stark danger of ending up in those spots by the end of Week 7. Apart from providing an important point, this match will also grant a crucial lead in the head-to-head between the two sides, which would act as a tiebreaker should both teams end the split with the same score.

For Enclave, this game arrives at a promising time. The line-up won their first game against Diabolus last week, and finally looks to be beginning to gel. Will it be enough?

Game 2:   Phelan Gaming vs Enclave Gaming    19:00 BST

Can NVision break their ceiling?

Enclave weren’t the only team to get on the board last week. NVision also claimed their first UKLC scalp, taking down Barrage. But the manner of their victory might not have inspired total confidence…

The question that NVision will have to answer now is a simple one: is that nail-biting victory over another bottom-placed team as good as it gets? Or are they capable of a convincing victory over a more confident side?

Diabolus are next in the line of fire. For them, this is an opportunity to prove that their loss to Enclave last week was a fluke; and a chance to knock NVision’s rookies down a peg.

Game 3:   Diabolus vs NVision Esports   20:00 BST

Can Demise contend for the top 3?

Demise find themselves in an extraordinary spot for a newly-promoted side. Five weeks in, they sit in joint fourth in the standings—just a single point behind MnM Gaming in third. If they win this game, they’ll not only overtake MnM in the standings (based on their head-to-head), they’ll also establish themselves as real contenders in the UKLC playoffs picture.

MnM, however, have no real reason to be concerned. Every loss they’ve sustained has been to an LEC side; they’re still undefeated against everyone else. Is that run set to continue?

Game 4:    MnM Gaming vs Demise    21:00 BST



Remember, this week’s action doesn’t stop with the Round of 8. The four winners of the above fixtures progress to the bracket semifinals on Thursday, which also starts at 18:00 BST. The winner of the bracket will then have an opportunity to dethrone our reigning tower champions, Fnatic Rising, in the UKLC’s fifth tower challenge of the Summer Split.

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