Thirteen of the best League of Legends teams from Great Britain and Ireland. Five rounds of head-to-head competition. Who can dominate the bracket and reach Fnatic Rising in the Forge of Champions Grand Final?

This month, hundreds of players gathered from across the British Isles to compete in two Forge of Champions Open Tournaments. Now, four teams have forged ahead of the rest, challenging our UKLC teams in a gruelling, single-elimination gauntlet.

With teams seeded based on their results in the Open Tournaments and the UK League Championship Spring Split, the best-of-3 bracket has finally taken shape. Who can see off the competition to take on UKLC winners Fnatic Rising?

The Forge of Champions playoffs bracket will not be played out with linear round progression. Instead, the top half of the bracket will be played out first (giving us our first semifinal fixture), before the bottom half of the bracket is played later in the week.

 DarkSpawn Gaming vs. EJBY Brotherhood 

Tue 30th Apr, 18:00 GMT
EJBY Brotherhood qualified as champions of the first Open Tournament, so they know how to navigate a single-elimination bracket. Will that experience be enough for them to defeat ninth-placed UKLC team DarkSpawn Gaming in the first best-of-3 in Round 1? EJBY’s mid laner OnlyVixen seems to think so. “We can beat anyone from 5-9th,” he claimed confidently in an interview conducted after their Open victory.

 Phelan Gaming vs. NVision Esports 

Tue 30th Apr, 20:30 GMT
Qualifying as the second-placed team in the second Open Tournament, NVision Esports were handed arguably the toughest task facing any of the newcomers. A best-of-3 against Phelan Gaming, who finished sixth in the UKLC Spring Split, will be an intimidating obstacle to overcome. Who will progress past Round 1 and into the quarterfinals?

 Diabolus vs. DarkSpawn/EJBY

Wed 1st May, 18:00 GMT
The first Forge of Champions quarterfinal match-up will be played before Round 1 games are complete. Regular season frontrunners Diabolus will be back and hungry for blood after an eventful outing representing the UK at EU Masters. Can they overcome all of their bracket opposition to book a rematch of the Spring Split Playoffs final against Fnatic Rising?

 Enclave Gaming vs. Phelan/NVision

Wed 1st May, 20:30 GMT
After Diabolus, we’ll see Enclave engage in the second quarterfinal of Forge of Champions. The side placed fifth in the UKLC and proved that—on their day—they can be a match for even the top teams. But can they avoid an upset against lower-seeded opponents? Following this fixture, the first Forge of Champions semifinal will be determined.

 Bulldog Esports vs. Hybrid eSports UK 

Thur 2nd May, 18:00 GMT
Entering the lower half of the bracket, we’ll see Bulldog Esports take on Hybrid, who finished first in Open Tournament 2. Bulldog Esports finished eight in the UKLC regular split, but will be aiming to bite back in Summer, so expect them to come out fighting for Forge of Champions.

 Barrage vs. Looking For Org

Thur 2nd May, 20:30 GMT
The final Round 1 match-up will see pit Barrage against Looking For Org, the runners-up from the first Open. Barrage’s veterans will be expected to keep their cool in this showdown, but can LFO’s upstarts earn a surprise spot in the quarterfinals?

 Excel UK vs. Bulldog/Hybrid

Fri 3rd May, 18:00 GMT
Excel UK fell short of expectations when they only managed to finish third in the UKLC Spring Split. Now, they must bounce back and prove their pedigree in Forge of Champions, starting with this best-of-3 quarterfinal. How far can they go?

 MnM Gaming vs. Barrage/LFO

Fri 3rd May, 20:30 GMT
MnM Gaming were one of the most entertaining teams to watch in the UKLC, with some wild games taking place on their journey to a fourth-placed finish. Despite showing some inconsistency, they’ll still be heavy favourites to progress into the semifinals.


After the quarterfinals are complete, there is only a short break for fans to twiddle their thumbs before semifinals take place next week. On Wednesday, the 8th of May, the first semifinal will take place at 18:00 BST, with the next semifinal following straight after. Then, on Thursday, the 9th of May (also at 18:00 BST), we’ll have the bracket final, followed immediately by the Grand Final, featuring Fnatic Rising. All matches remain best-of-3 throughout.

The action doesn’t stop there. Once the Main Event is wrapped up, there’s the Promotion Tournament, where Bulldog Esports will have to fight for their UKLC survival alongside DarkSpawn Gaming. They’ll be joined by the teams from the Forge of Champions Open Tournaments and compete for two spots in the UKLC Summer Split!

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