Fnatic Rising are back on form. Week 2 of the UK League Championship Summer Split saw them return to the top of the tower, whilst Demise attracted the attention of the community with an unorthodox bot lane pairing.

Fnatic Rising broke the UKLC fastest game record twice in two consecutive matches as they embarked on a record-breaking speedrun to the top of the tower, replacing Excel UK after their fellow LEC side deposed them in Week 1. And in Wednesday’s first game, an innovative bot lane pairing set the tone for a remarkable week of League of Legends action.

Here’s the biggest stories of the week!

The tale of a man and his cat

The first game of the week saw Demise take on Phelan Gaming. With the Reapers enjoying a solid start to UKLC life and Phelan losing out to Diabolus in their first week, this fixture was a tough one to call, splitting predictions right down the middle. However, all pre-game speculation went out of the window when Den Voksne and Viggo locked in Garen and Yuumi for Demise’s bottom lane.

The unorthodox combination absolutely popped off, with the man and his cat scoring a revolting combined KDA of 12/0/26. Yikes.

How strong is the combination? Did it simply catch Phelan unawares, or will the kitty’s combo with the human spinning top revolutionise the UKLC meta in the weeks to come?

14,000,604 reasons to be unsurprised

NVision Esports haven’t enjoyed the strongest start to their inaugural UKLC campaign. An opening day defeat to Demise in near-record-breaking time was followed by a Week 2 loss at the hands of Fnatic Rising that actually was record-breaking. Team captain PropaMealDeal was fully aware of the monumental task facing his charges ahead of their battle with the league’s most intimidating titans.

While the result may have been unsurprising, the manner of the defeat will sting. For the second time in as many weeks, NVision seemingly fell apart after a few mistakes were swiftly punished. Ultimately, however, few will begrudge them a loss against the reigning UKLC champions.

Beeley’s brilliance couldn’t save Enclave

Enclave Gaming fell to defeat against Diabolus despite a terrific performance from mid lane wunderkind Beeley, whose Renekton pocket pick proved a handful for the Devils. His highlight play was this impressive 1v2 against Furuy and PFI.

However, it wasn’t enough to prevent Diabolus from securing another victory on their continued march up the UKLC standings, with Furuy and Kakan combining to win a crucial fight before closing out the game.

MnM Gaming’s invade tears Diabolus asunder

After defeating Barrage in our Match of the Day (featuring the world’s longest backdoor, courtesy of Chibs’ Akali), MnM made it to a bracket semifinal match against Diabolus. And they got off to a cracking start, showcasing the best level 1 invade we’ve seen in a long time.

With their lead secured from the very start of the game, MnM were able to maintain their momentum and close out the game, earning a bracket final spot in the process.

Fnatic Rising break a UKLC record… twice

At the start of Week 2, we asked the question: just how angry are Fnatic Rising? As it turns out… pretty mad. Fnatic Rising stomped both newly-promoted teams on their run up the tower, extraordinarily breaking the UKLC record for quickest game time twice in two consecutive games.

(Their defeat of NVision finished at 22:49, and they followed that up by smashing Demise with the match timer reading 21:50. After showcasing that kind of form, the fact that MnM lasted more than half an hour in their loss seems like a marvellous achievement.)

Their Tower Done Quick may steal the headlines, but the true story of Fnatic Rising’s surge to success revolved around Prosfair’s Shen.

On Day 2, the support picked the ninja in all three of Fnatic’s games, helping secure wins over Demise, MnM and Excel UK with pinpoint engages and timely ultimates. His contribution throughout the day was recognised by the community, leading to a landslide victory in the day’s Unsung Hero vote.

Excel UK still top the standings thanks to their fantastic opening week showing, but with Fnatic Rising claiming the tower back, things are still incredibly close between the top two UKLC teams. Meanwhile, a clear second tier of teams has emerged, with almost half of the league still left floundering at the bottom without a point to their name. Who can make a run in Week 3?

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