Five teams remain in the final throes of Forge of Champions. Giant-killers Barrage square up against a red-hot Diabolus, while Phelan Gaming will look to continue their fantastic form against ambitious challengers MnM Gaming. At the end of it all, Fnatic Rising await in the Grand Final to decide the fate of the Forge of Champions trophy.

Earlier this month, we saw the magic of the cup in full swing as Barrage handed Excel UK an early exit during Round 2 of Forge of Champions. And Diabolus, Phelan and MnM all won their respective bouts 2-0, setting us up for a compelling end to the Main Event.

Which of the four teams in Round 3 is strong enough to progress to the Grand Final? Can any of them challenge Fnatic Rising?

Here’s four questions we’re looking to have answered in the final week of Forge of Champions Summer 2019 Main Event!

Are Phelan really MnM’s ‘bogey team’?

Since the inception of the UKLC in early 2019, MnM Gaming have been consistent challengers near the top end of the table. They hold excellent records against every non-LEC side in the league, bar one: Phelan Gaming.

Since the start of the Summer Split, MnM’s record against Phelan stands at one win and three losses, with their defeat to the Irish side in the Gauntlet knocking them out of Playoffs. “Even last split, Phelan were one of the only teams that beat us,” said Shogun in an interview last week. “We went on to beat them after that, but yeah… I guess they just have our number.”

After taking down MnM to earn a spot in the top 3 of the UKLC Summer Split, can Phelan do the same in Forge of Champions?

Game 1:    Phelan Gaming vs MnM Gaming     Tue 22nd Oct | 18:00 BST

Can Barrage live up to the hype?

Barrage’s intriguing mix of established UKLC veterans and bold rookies saw them claim a monumental upset over Excel UK in Round 2.

Yet their opponents seem to be on an equally hot run of form, having already burnt through Barrage: RHE and Demise without dropping a game. Both mid laners in this match-up have been especially lively in the tournament thus far; Diva has demonstrated his devastating prowess on assassins, while Furuy has looked fantastic on both Cassiopeia and Twisted Fate. Who can keep up the momentum?

Game 2:    Barrage vs Diabolus    Tue 22nd Oct | ~20:30 BST

Who can keep consistent?

Of the four teams that have made it to Round 3, only two will reach Round 4, and only one will have the opportunity to take a shot at Fnatic Rising.

Every team is on a winning streak. Every team has the potential to reach even greater heights. But who has the mental fortitude to keep consistent enough to rise above all the rest and reach the Grand Final?

Game 3: BRG/DBL vs PHL/MNM | Wed 23rd Oct | 18:00 BST

Will anyone be able to trouble Fnatic?

Fnatic are not infallible. We’ve seen that already this summer, when Excel UK took 4 games off them across the course of the split, even as they finished behind them. We saw it during EU Masters, when they were slain in the semifinals. Yet taking them down is no easy task.

Four teams are jostling for an opportunity to take on the reigning champions and prevent them from pulling off a clean sweep of domestic trophies in 2019. Make no mistake: for one of them to do it, they’ll need to be on mind-blowing form, they’ll need to be resolute and ambitious, and they might need just a touch of luck along the way. Is an upset impossible? No. Is it probable? No. But we have already seen one giant felled in this tournament. And in the cup, there’s always the potential of a moment of magic that can change it all.

Game 4:    Fnatic Rising vs Round 4 Winner | Wed 23rd Oct | ~20:30 BST



The Forge of Champions Main Event is being broadcast in its entirety, so make sure you tune in to to catch all of the action. After that, there’s next week’s Promotion Tournament, where NVision Esports and Barrage will have to fight for their UKLC survival. They’ll be joined by teams from the Forge of Champions Open Tournaments and compete for a single spot in the UKLC Summer Split.

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