Fnatic Rising avoided upsets and overcame roster overhauls to return back to the top in Week 6. And Barrage and Phelan Gaming both showed incredible endurance as they took unexpected victories to keep their Playoffs dreams alive.

Our new Playoffs format has been revealed, and every game matters as teams fight for the best seeding in the Gauntlet. With so few matches left to play, who managed to put together a run to stay in the best position heading into Week 7—and who crumbled under the pressure?

Here’s the biggest stories of the week!

Barrage victorious

After an incredible 5-month period without a win in the UKLC, Barrage finally picked up their first victory of the split in an absolute slugfest against Diabolus.

And they were made to work for it—with Diabolus in the driving seat, it took this brilliantly bold Baron steal for Barrage to steal the advantage away from under Diabobro’s nose.

The loss meant that Diabolus’s slump continued, as they succumbed to their fourth consecutive defeat and left the road open for Demise to lock down fourth place in the standings.

Demise solo laners dominate the highlights

The Reapers have continued to impress on their inaugural season in the UKLC.

In Week 6, they once again defeated NVision—bringing their Summer Split record to 3-0 over their fellow newcomers—before curtailing Barrage’s ambitions of putting together a bracket run. Substitute top laner Merpilian had the highlight play of the first day, bouncing back from being solo killed by Brelia to come out on top in this 1v2:

Then, Demise’s Caitlyn-Morgana bot lane popped off as they won their semifinal, but it was their tower final loss to Fnatic Rising that actually saw the team’s craziest outplay of the day.

Twitter content pops off as Phelan end MnM’s record

In the Round of 8, Phelan Gaming pulled off what was arguably the upset of the week, ending MnM Gaming’s flawless record against non-LEC sides. This upset MnM’s marshmallow mascot greatly…

But it’s fair to say Phelan’s players enjoyed the win! Enjoy the incredible final moments of the game in the below clip (warning: SUBSTANTIAL foul language).

Fnatic overcome roster rejig to return to the top

Fnatic Rising started the week on the wrong foot. As Ronaldooo was preparing to make his first appearance as the team’s starting support, a train cancellation meant that Shikari was unable to play top lane in the team’s match against Enclave Gaming. So, a previous UKLC star returned: Dan, the Jungler of the Split during spring, filling in as Renekton.

Even with the emergency substitution, it was still the same old Fnatic. The team showed immaculate endurance to breeze past Enclave, and with Shikari returning to the lineup on Thursday, Fnatic overcame Phelan, Demise and Excel in quick succession to claim the tower back. (They even beat Hjarnan’s Heimerdinger!)

With an MVP performance on Jarvan IV in his final game, Shikari ensured that he would be going out of the starting roster with a bang. The top laner has chosen to substitute himself out for the rest of the split, with new signing Bando set to replace him in the final week of the regular season.

Fnatic Rising are now just a point behind Excel UK in the standings. That means that the final tower of the split will determine who will guarantee themselves a spot in the UKLC Summer Final at Twickenham. Excel now have to overthrow Fnatic to secure themselves first place; but if they fail to make the tower challenge, or if Fnatic successfully defend the tower challenge and tower rematch, they’ll have to play a best-of-3 in the Gauntlet to cement a Grand Finals berth.

If Excel do make the tower challenge, it will mean that all 7 weeks will have featured Fnatic versus Excel in the tower challenge.

The playoffs (and relegation) picture will be determined when the final tower of the split is played out from next Wednesday:

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