Clean League of Legends made a comeback in Week 5. Convincing shut-outs marked the semifinals and final of the bracket. And Yusa made himself an enemy of the state.

Fnatic Rising finally found themselves at a deficit they could not come back from, as they ceded the UKLC tower to Excel UK, leaving the pair’s head-to-head record completely even (3-3). Earlier in the week, Enclave Gaming and NVision Esports had both shown further improvement at the cost of a faltering Phelan Gaming and Diabolus.

Here’s the biggest stories of the week!

Barrage continue to sink

…Though most won’t fault them for falling to Excel UK for a second time this split.

However, remaining winless after 5 games has left them in a tricky situation heading into the last 2 weeks of play. A large contributing factor would appear to be their early game, as these stats from Weeks 1-4 illustrate:

By contrast, Excel UK’s early game prowess simply went from strength to strength. In their four wins this week, they were once again ahead at 15 minutes into every match, extending that record to 15 games.

Enclave and NVision’s upswings continue

The fates of Enclave Gaming and NVision Esports seem inexplicably entwined. In Week 4, they both claimed their first win of the Summer Split before exiting in the semifinals, and in Week 5 they both claimed their second. (NVision will be hoping their fates aren’t too closely linked, however, as Enclave have drawn Fnatic in Week 6.)

As a top lane main, watching Enclave’s match against Phelan Gaming was particularly satisfying. The wolves’ new starter, Beartree, immediately made the UKLC sit up and pay attention after this sublime solo kill:

Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t enough to keep Renghis’s Akali down, as Enclave’s top made a sick assassination play in the game-deciding teamfight to ensure victory for his side.

Yusa gets reported

Any self-respecting Harry Potter geek knows about the four Unforgivable Curses: Cruciatus, which causes unbelievable pain; Imperius, which places the victim completely under the caster’s control; and Avada Kedavra, the Killing Curse.

The fourth, and perhaps most reprehensible, is Aryuserius, the Denial Curse. Just as Chibs was about to secure a Penta Kill in MnM Gaming’s game against Demise, Yusa performed the Denial Curse to devastating effect.

The spell clearly tilted Chibs into oblivion for the following game, causing him to become the only member of MnM to die against NVision, before MnM lost yet another tower final to an LEC side.

Excel laid their demons to rest

After Week 4, the story haunting Excel UK was their inability to close out games against Fnatic Rising. In one fortnight, they had taken two enormous leads in crucial matches against their rivals—one of 8k gold, and another of 12k—before losing both games.

This week, they showed up big time. After rampaging through the tower bracket, Excel once again took a healthy advantage in the tower challenge. And this time, they weren’t letting go.

Send0o’s perfectly-placed Petrifying Gaze was emblematic of another fantastic week for Excel. The Spaniard scored two MVPs on his march back to the top of the tower, continuing his personal resurgence alongside his team’s climb in the power rankings. Can he now be considered the best top laner in the league?

Excel UK now sit comfortably in first, meaning that Fnatic Rising will need to win every game until the end of the regular season—including both remaining towers—if they are to guarantee themselves first place and a spot in the UKLC Summer Final at Twickenham. MnM, meanwhile, have fended off competition for their third spot, while Enclave and NVision both made promising steps to securing their safety from the threat of relegation.

Here’s what the penultimate tower of the season will look like when Week 6 starts on Wednesday:

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