In the aftermath of the Forge of Champions ArenaGG Online Qualifier, we’ve seen some concerns raised by members of the community regarding the competition winners, the team named ‘Barrage: Retirement Home Edition [B:RHE]’, and a potential conflict of interest due to their participation in the Promotion Tournament to the UKLC alongside Barrage’s original team.

We understand the concerns, and in moving to address them we’d like to make a few clarifications:

  • We consider the B:RHE slot to be owned by the players. As per Rule 2.1, ‘Slot ownership’, in the FoC Qualifying Tournaments regulations, an owner registered on the ArenaGG can only be considered to have 40% of the ‘decision power’ of the team, with the remaining 60% distributed between the players. There is no owner that was registered to B:RHE, so control of the slot resides entirely with the players.
  • An organisation cannot own two teams in the UKLC (or across any ERLs) at the same time. LVP UK will enforce a change of ownership if this situation does occur at any future Promotion Tournament.
  • LVP UK has been in direct communication with B:RHE players. This allows the players to discuss their intentions with LVP UK through private channels. The players are aware that qualifying gets them into the UKLC regardless of whether they stay under the Barrage organisation or not.
  • Both Barrage and B:RHE have been warned about ‘soft play’ and how it can and will lead to disqualification. LVP UK will be refereeing all matches at the same level as UKLC matches, and monitoring in-game communications. If either team attempts to throw a game to place the other in a more favourable position, both teams will be disqualified.

“As qualification is open to the public, Forge of Champions provides the first steps players are taking from grassroots into the professional space,” said Nik “Lustriga” Topham, the Head of League Ops at LVP UK.

“The players are at the core of this competition, and we want them to be supported in the best way possible. Having open support from an organisation already in the professional space is a resounding endorsement for any squad.

“However, there is no obligation for these players to remain with any specific organisation past this tournament. The players will, with our help, decide where they wish to be in the future.”

We are eager to see organisations continue to support local talents who are looking to break into the UKLC, and in this situation, Barrage have clearly abided by the existing rules. We cannot prevent organisations from having pre-promotion agreements with teams participating in Forge of Champions. Our focus lies with the players, ensuring that they have adequate support to pursue their passion, and appropriate opportunities to play under suitable organisations that allow their growth.