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Come by for a day of League of Legends fun at the biggest LoL esports event in the UK this year. Our first UKLC live finals will take place in a state-of-the-art gaming arena at the iconic rugby venue. Doors will open at 1pm, with activities planned throughout the afternoon, before the very best League of Legends teams in the UK and Ireland will face off in a best-of-5 to crown our 2019 Summer Split champions.

See you there!


    Introducing The UK League Championship (UKLC)! Following on from the success of last year’s inaugural Forge of Champions, LVP and Riot Games have teamed up to bring you a brand new UK League Championship – the UKLC. It has a sharp new look and all the drama to match, and all teams have the chance to fight their way from the ground up to the highest level.

    In 2019, the entire season will fit under one bold banner – the UKLC – which will be divided into two splits.

    • The first split starts with the best nine UK League teams fighting to win the championship. Then, UKLC teams will throw down for Forge of Champions, alongside some new faces.

    • From split two onward we’ll see the full season cycle, with a relegation-promotion tournament giving a chance for new teams to enter the league before the next season kicks off.

      For the Summer Split, there are two new teams to see in action – tune in every Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm BST on Twitch.



    The UKLC uses a format we’re calling ‘the tower’, our own take on the classic king-of-the-hill style competition.

    • Eight teams will enter into a single-elimination, best-of-one bracket every week. The winner gets the chance to take on the reigning tower champion in a bid to steal their title and take the tower for themselves.

    • Teams are awarded championship points based on where they finish each week, with the champions earning the most points of all.

    • After all seven weeks have been played, the total championship points are tallied up and the top seven teams will enter the playoffs to fight for the UKLC title.



    • In May, all nine UKLC teams will return in the Forge of Champions, joined by four teams that qualify via our open tournament.

    • These four teams will then face the bottom two UKLC teams for a chance to join the UKLC summer split.



15th August, 2019 - 18:00 BST

Week 7 Day 1


Week 7

Teams Points
1st Fnatic Rising 27
2nd Excel UK 25
3rd MnM Gaming 10
4th Demise 7
5th Diabolus 4
6th Enclave Gaming 3
7th NVision Esports 2
8th Phelan Gaming 2
9th Barrage 1

Week 7

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